A la carte, enjoy gastronomy from the heart and the region, always served with caviar from the producer.

An exclusive restaurant with a unique concept in Bordeaux

Meet the very first 100% caviar restaurant in Bordeaux.
During lunch time, enjoy an original meal around our products and caviar. A variation of signature dishes that will enhance the taste and discovery of caviar.


The 'à la carte' menu includes sturgeon-based starters to share, 6 Signature dishes served with 15g of caviar, and caviar tastings. Let yourself be seduced by an elegant and gourmet vision of the cuisine of Chef Martha Serrano. Choosing Comptoir Caviar de Neuvic Bordeaux for your lunch means opting for a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

A word from the Chef: "Present from the very beginning of the opening of Comptoir Caviar de Neuvic in Bordeaux, we have created a menu and a style based on the values of the company and my own. Proud to be the official chef at Caviar de Neuvic, I advocate quality, excellence and passion in all my dishes".

Every first experience is linked to an unforgettable emotion. The first experience at the Comptoir Caviar de Neuvic in Bordeaux will be the discovery of the taste and culture of caviar. In order to increase the number of opportunities to meet and discover these products, we will also be offering you original gourmet recipes around sturgeon and caviar. Ultimately, it's the whole process of developing, producing and creating a culinary art around exceptional products that makes the experience special.


Discover our different formulas! "Signatures" or "Reserves" all come with a starter, a main course, a dessert and the delicious caviar from the producer!

These formulas are a modern twist on French gastronomy, while respecting small producers and the seasons.
The spotlight is on gourmet French cuisine, meticulously prepared and top-of-the-range, with an explosion of flavours in every bite, all in a sophisticated, modern setting.

Festive meals at attractive prices, available as personalised gift vouchers in the shop and online.


A new exclusive product at Comptoir Caviar de Neuvic in Bordeaux: takeaway sandwiches!
We'll surprise you with our varied and generous sandwich offer. Choose from our 3 different sandwiches. The special breads come from Bun's Baker! All our sandwiches are delicious and contain at least 1 product from our new Caviar de Neuvic l'Epicerie range.

Discover them one by one:

Sturgeon like tuna mayonnaise: charcoal bread, avocado cream, marinated sturgeon, red onion, tomatoes, etc.
Burrata: Vegetable charcoal hot dog bun, caviar butter, basil sauce, burrata, trout roe, tomatoes
Salmon: Vegetable charcoal hot dog bun, lemon vodka cream, smoked salmon, avocado, red onion.

The story continues. Always with the same ambition: to create moments of sharing around delicious, healthy, quality products.


The best Brunch in Bordeaux is at Comptoir Caviar de Neuvic!

Are you dreaming of a peaceful interlude in the heart of Bordeaux?
Would you like some great surprises for your palate?
Try out our Brunch of a thousand flavours

The Brunch combines a sweet breakfast with savoury dishes

Fruit juice
French croissants
Avocado toast with fish roe
Mashed potato and 15gr caviar
Fried egg with caviar butter bread fingers
Fruit dessert

Prices and availability :
Thursday to Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00, booking 48 hours in advance.
Price: 39 euros
Bookings by phone at +33 (0) or directly on our website.