Caviar de Neuvic comes to you! For a company seminar, a party with family or friends, a wedding… Treat yourself to a unique experience that will amaze your guests.


Discover our tailored catering service created by us with the help of our partners! Whatever the type of ceremony, theme or number of guests, combine the luxury of our products and services to create unforgettable festivities.

In our premises
or at home ...


Are you looking for a caterer capable of providing an exceptional service for the most beautiful day of your life? Whatever the type of ceremony, the theme or the number of guests, Caviar de Neuvic can help you create an unforgettable reception for your guests.


Enhance your receptions by organising aperitifs or dinner cocktails at your events in Bordeaux.

With this formula, Caviar de Neuvic helps you create an unforgettable moment and promises a top-of-the-range service that will delight your guests.


Enjoy a gourmet meal of the highest quality. Treat your guests to sublime, high-quality products, thanks to our menus created by our in-house chef.

An opportunity for you and your loved ones to discover surprising pairings and unique know-how.


Enjoy a buffet of the finest products from a French producer! Sturgeon, caviar and new products from the Neuvic gourmet range will be served to offer you a festive occasion!

This is a unique way to discover Caviar de Neuvic products.


Ideal for a summer meal or to take away, your meal tray is prepared with fresh products from the Caviar de Neuvic gourmet range. Cooked by our in-house chef, this meal tray will satisfy all your cravings for caviar for every day and every occasion in Bordeaux.


Dare to think big with the promise of an amazing tasting experience, boundless pleasure and luxury. Guided by our professionals, you’ll follow the essential steps to get the most out of our black gold.

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